Calculate a Fair World


Paco Roca, a versatile cartoonist and illustrator from Valencia with a clean line and great narrative capacity, has developed, together with the CASIO Educational Division, an educational project around the Sustainable Development Goals: Calculate a fair world.

Casio Educational Division is one of the allies and collaborators of NATIVES.

An illustrated scientific calculator with motifs inspired by the SDGs is just the visible part of an initiative with a lot of heart: promoting the Sustainable Development Goals in Education through a direct, accessible and creative language such as comics.

Paco has scripted and drawn 17 comics, one for each SDG. 17 cartoons that provide teachers with a guide to promote education in sustainability and that inspire and motivate students to act accordingly.

The comics are available for all the NATIVES Schools in Spanish, Catalan, English, Euskara, Galician and Portuguese on this website:

They can also be found in in YouTube: Calculate a Fair world (17 comics by Paco Roca, CASIO Educational Division)

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